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Environmental Protection:

BERWODEVCOOP programs in the Environmental Department is all geared at forest for poverty reduction through better forest management and maintenance, reforestation, protection of the ecology and forest conservation all to increase house hole income.

BERWODEVCOOP received 200,000 Fcfa from the Missionary Sisters of Holy Rosary in Ndu for tree planting. This money helped us purchase 1,500 natural tree seedling which we distributed to some 40 youths who carried out deforestation of eucalyptus trees from around the settlement area.

We have also been able to maintain our nursery for natural trees for the BERWODEVCOOP Organization. Through our sensitization program on the environment other groups like the Roman Catholic priest of Sabongari have also started a Nursery Program.

Because of the impact created in communities as a result of our work on agro forestry, many traditional chiefs are inviting us to come and work with their communities. Some even break the rule of traditional laws and take us to secrete forest where they carry out sacrifices to evoke the spirit of the ancestors so that we can develop it.

We had a partnership with the International Food and Agricultural organization to work on Non Timber Forest products for poverty alleviation while conserving the forest and protecting the ecology to increase house whole income for better livelihood in the Donga/Matung Division.

We attended a workshop in Kumbo on Prunes Africana, one of the medicinal natural plants to come up with a policy for harvesting, and selling so that our local community members can benefit from it.

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