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Peace Building Initiatives:

BERWODEVCOOP has as one of its objectives the respect of human dignity and this explains our role in the intervention of our development programs. Conflict of all forms is a major problem in our communities, especially Ndu sub division where the community functions in a typical traditional set up. We held meetings with leaders and religious working for peace once every month.

In November a woman Linda Nfor was accused of bewitching her husband and the masked men from the palace pulled a crowd in her house and got her well bitten. It was so shocking because these are the very couples we identified positive with HIV/AIDS virus and advised them to go to the treatment centre. The wife went and was placed on drugs while the husband refused. When the husband fell seriously sick instead of rushing to the treatment centre he ran to the traditional authorities that accused the wife falsely and punished her by biting thanks to our intervention she would have been killed.

BERWODEVCOOP working on peace building in Ndu realised that one of the major courses of the absence of peace in the community, is the high rate of unemployment among youths. Since these young people are not employed, they think and feel nothing good can come out of them which is not true .As such we carried out a campaign on youths and talent identification and organised a workshop on the topic for some 50 youths.

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