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HIV-AIDS, Orphans & Vulnerable Children - OVC:

Owing to the fact that Ndu had been highlighted by the Ministry of Public Health as the highest infected area and with the steady increase of OVCs as a result of HIV/AIDS, BERWODEVCOOP this year facilitated organizations working in HIV/AIDS to launch a sensitization campaign to fight HIV/AIDS out of Ndu Sub Division among women and youths. These organizations were the government district hospital, the Baptist hospital, the Mutual health organisation, the Bongjo Webngo group, Spanish volunteers and BERWODEVCOOP. We organized a two week sporting event that draw the involving many youths.

At the beginning of each match hospital officials always presented health talks on HIV/AIDS while free testing was going on. At the end 130 youths were tested and 25 were discovered positive and were immediately sent to the treatment centre.

This program was the first of its kind in Ndu and created an impact because youths were able to testify that they were really lukewarm about this illness but now they shall be able to prevent this disease to an extent. We were also able to assist some 17 infected people with transport to the treatment centre and money for CD4 count test.

As far as orphans and vulnerable children are concern, BERWODEVCOOP through the assistance of Start Fund Netherlands has created very great impact within the community, the families and with the children themselves. The sustainable organic gardening and animal rearing project has helped 100 children who were trained on organic gardening and animal rearing and provided with seeds and animals to rear while negotiating school fees payments with various head teachers.

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