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Agro-Forestry and Environmental Protection:

2010 was a very interesting and busy year for this Department. BERWODEVCOOP successfully planted 15,480 natural trees seedling in 8 communities in Donga-Mantung Division and

in 3 communities in Ngoketunga Division all of the North West Region; 8,700 soil improvement tree seedlings in 4 communities in the Donga-Mantung Division, 6,200 water catchment trees in 6 catchment areas and in Babesi council. We were able to plant 420 bee loving trees in 3 apiaries in Ntabah. We also planted 50 stock mother plants provided to us by ICRAF at the demonstration plot at Njilah and lastly 160 ornamental tree seedlings in government bilingual high school Ndu. BERWODEVCOOP with the help of ICRAF was able to collaborate and manage 7 nurseries in 7 communities in the Donga-Mantung Division of the North West region of Cameroon.

In the Agro-forestry sector BERWODEVCOOP worked with ICRAF in the Food for Progress Project in Ako and Sabongarri communities where groups in these communities were trained to process and market forest products made available in their communities by nature. Some of these products include Evenga Gaboneses and Njansa.

FAO sponsored BERWODEVCOOP to carry out market analysis and development in 3 forest communities in Donga-Mantung Division for forest products, in the frame work of this project. Realising the high potential of forest products in this area and the lack of a market as a problem, FAO sponsored BERWODEVCOOP to facilitate the creation market of an international market for non timber products in collaboration with the Ako council, community members and other partners. This market which was launched at Buku junction Ako.

We also worked with SNV on market information system for forest products in Donga-mantung Division. This is a system where by farmers are informed on the market situation while giving out information on products available for sale so as to bring the market to them. We also worked with a Bee Consultants from Holland who trained bee farmers on modern Bee farming and production of Bee products such as wax.

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